International Set

Make your event unique, today!


Since 1972 the INTERNATIONAL SET has been the source for German and other European country folk music, and dancing favourites.  The group played every night for many years in Hull dance halls, and is now available for private parties, corporate events, and celebrations in Ottawa.

You can count on the INTERNATIONAL SET to set the tone for your special event, and keep the party rolling with a wide variety of music from Polka to Tango, including Waltz favourites, and latin rhythms.

You can book the size of group YOU need for instance:

INTERNATIONAL SET DUO – accordion and trumpet  for a lively one hour performance of European favourites

INTERNATIONAL SET TRIO – now we add a drummer for those LATIN Rhythms and a bit more bounce to the POLKA

The group can be configured with up to five musicians by adding a clarinet/saxophone and tuba. We have the configuration and the program to match the needs of your special event